Please take the time to fill out this ministry reflection. This reflection is designed to help you as a leader identify strengths & weaknesses, as well as priorities for your ministry. You are loved, you are valued, and you are believed in! Thank you for all that you do for the kingdom, it is making a DIFFERENCE.


The Ministry Spiritual Gifts test is a discovery tool that provides new volunteers with a personalized analysis. Not an exam, but a simple questionnaire giving them a profile of his or her God given spiritual gifts. Discovering and exercising God-given spiritual gifts allows them to experience maximum fulfillment and for us to partner with them to reach their God Potential.


The Collective exists to help engage, equip, and train all volunteers to be excellent representatives of the mission and vision of Potential Church. As a team member, you have the incredible opportunity and responsibility to help steward our vision while partnering with people to reach their God potential.


It is crucial for leaders to have a personal growth plan to follow so that they can establish priorities, accomplish their goals, and evaluate their growth and performance. This personal growth plan consists of a list of resources for you and your team that when engaged, will equip and empower you for your best season of leadership yet!